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Generating a month calendar

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Date conversion

List of Jewish holidays

Birthday and Yahrzeit calculation for several years

Geburtstags- und Jahrzeitberechnung fr mehrere Jahre

Zmanim calculation


Time format: 24 hour 12 hour (AM/PM)

Consideration of daylight savings time
      Beginning: in
      End: in
Alot Hashachar (16.1° below horizon):     Alot Hashachar (72 minutes before sunrise):
Earliest Tallit (11° below horizon):     Earliest Tallit (10.2° below horizon):
Hanetz Hachama:            
Kriat Shema (M"A):     Kriat Shema (GR"O):
Tefila (M"A):     Tefila (GR"O):
Chatzot (GR"O):     Chatzot (M"A):
Mincha Gedola (GR"O):     Mincha Gedola (M"A):
Mincha K'tana (GR"O):     Mincha K'tana (M"A):
Plag Hamincha (GR"O):     Plag Hamincha (M"A):
Shkiat Hachama:            
Tzait Hakochavim (5.95° below horizon):     7.08° below horizon:
3 Medium Stars (7.5° below horizon):     3 Small Stars (8.75° below horizon):
Rabbeinu Tam (sunset + 72 minutes):     Sha'a Zmanit:

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